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It has indeed become the norm...

A Few Words On The Perils Of Our Times...

As our government stands poised to yet again intercede in the affairs of another sovereign nation and dictate to and/or impose their will upon it, the truths of Viet Nam ring all too familiar and I find myself compelled to bring them to light for those who still have vision.

The Vietnam War brought a time to America the likes of which had not been seen since our own Civil War. Our nation stood divided, torn apart by those that obediently followed and those that dutifully questioned. It was a time of grave misfortunes and misguidance. A time when blind faith in our leaders led us down a path to both moral and spiritual decay. Still, our present day leaders hasten to follow history unheeded, choose to ignore the signs before them. A nation's leaders are the clearest reflection of a nation's people. They are the signs that survive to remind future peoples of what once was. Would we find any delight in having the misguided chieftains that now lead us paint the portrait of our past? Will our children's children look back upon a benevolent, caring society or a malicious mob of imperalists intent on making the minds of the many follow the thoughts of the few? These are questions that can have but one answer and a single time in which to answer them.

How have we, as Americans so succumbed to the follies of fools? How have we let ourselves become the pawns of those who would be kings? We have permitted the onslaught of our fundamental rights as human beings, our constitutional rights as Americans and we have condoned, if not encouraged the oppression of our hearts and minds. We have willingly been transformed into weakling, sidelined players in the game of life. We have been left with a vision that is blurred by our lack of having used it for what it was intended, to steer us clear of harm's way, to make us wise to the teachings of those that came before us. Our freedom survives on borrowed breath, it's every heartbeat grows fainter. If we do not come to it's aid soon we may never again know it's joy or it's splendor...And without freedom life is not lived it is merely endured. Freedom is the very essence of life itself.

.......G.W.D. 9/15/02