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I was absolutely thrilled when I found this feedback form on your website because I just couldn't wait to tell you people at Ryder Trucks what a complete bunch of inconsiderate, lying assholes you all are. My reservation for a Ryder truck was made a month ago. When I arrived to pick up my truck today, it was no where to be found. No apologies, no offers to look for a replacement. What good did a reservation serve? Is this the way you treat your customers on a regular basis? I quote from the letter I received from you confirming my reservation; "...we'll do everything possible to make your move easy and trouble-free." Bullshit! My move was very easy and completely trouble-free until I attmpted to do business with Ryder Trucks. I certainly feel for the untoll number of others that you people have screwed over in similar fashion. If this is what you call good business practice then you people have a long, long road back to becoming human again. In my profession, which is media based, I am in constant daily contact with the public. If I treated my clientele with the contempt and sheer disregard for their trust that they have placed in me the way you people at Ryder do, I couldn't sleep at night. I realize that you are probably not the least bit concerned with this matter, certainly no one else I've spoken to today at Ryder has appeared to be, nonetheless, this fact you should know. I originally chose Ryder for my family's move because of references I received from other individuals. Apparently word-of-mouth is still a powerful medium and as such, I shall not refrain from telling anyone and everyone about my miserable experience with your company. If I can just dissuade one potential customer a week from doing business with your company by relating to them my experience and save them the absolute misery and frustration which I was force to contend with today because of your incompetnce and ineptitude, then I will have done my duty towards eradicating shoddy business practices such as those that Ryder Trucks obviously perpetuates. Good riddance. Most sincerely, Gary W. Davis